The restaurant

We offer traditional cooking, refined by great attention to presentation of the dishes, which are cooked to order using fresh produce in season.

The structure

The walls are built of stone blocks and topped with brick barrel vaults. This space dates back to AD 1100-1200, and was originally a cellar where wine was processed, as one would expect.

One can still see the wine press in the ceiling of the bar, as well as hooks for hanging hams to cure.

The premises

These currently comprise an entryway, a bar and three rooms. The main room of the restaurant was formed, after careful restoration, from part of the cellar.

la cantina

The cellar

In the other two small rooms, where the wine is kept, there are hundreds of bottles from the best Italian and foreign vineyards, waiting to be opened for your special occasions.

interno de L'Antica Cantina
coppa di scampi antipasto di mare